Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 7: Slowest Cow

Ok, so this is not an "-est" that we enjoy on the farm.  This is the slowest milking cow on the farm.  #11009 is a close 2nd, but I think #7035 wins.

She takes FOREVER to milk out, but over her time, she has produced a lot of milk, and she is fairly easy to work with, so we simply sort her to the front of the line & put her milker on early to give her extra time.
You see, we have a parlor (one thing of which is really nice on our farm, and I am VERY thankful for).  We have what is called a "Single-12 Parallel" that means we have 12 stalls on one-side (Single 12) & that we attach the milker to the cow between her back legs (Parallel).  Some farmers put them on from the side, in front of the back legs, and this is known as a herringbone parlor.
However, because we milk in groups of 12, when we have one slow cow, we have TWELVE slow cows, and it really slows down our milking.  (hence the whole sorting & early or "double" milking thing.....

Full Name:  Po-Cop T-Hawk Demi
What we Call Her:  #7035
Age:  6 years
# calves/lactations:  4

She goes back to a group of cows Brent bought at a sale in Wisconsin when he came home to farm.  (For those dairy people that might read this, Yes - her dam was an Eland)

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