Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 22: The J's & the K's: Jiffy

What else goes with Jelly than Peanut Butter!  (And, we already had a Peanut Butter, she was born right after Jelly), so we expanded a little with a "J", and got Jiffy.  Jiffy is like her mother, and is pretty slow and steady.  She doesn't usually like to leave the parlor when she is done milking, and so gets an extra "Let's go Jiffy" nearly every milking. 
She looks like her mother too.....

Full Name:  Po-Cop Prince Jiffy
What we Call her:  #1014 or Jiffy
Age:  3 yrs, 6 months
# calves/lacations:  2
Lifetime Milk Production:  24,304# or 2,826 gallons

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