Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 15: Red Week - Shorthorns - Stingray

Stingray was a recent purchase from a farmer in Minnesota, so I don't have all her paperwork on her full name, etc.
(However, I just have to say that I think Stingray is a completely ridiculous name for a heifer, so I'm going to call her "Sinnamon" in honor of the fact that she is the same color of one of my show steers in 4-H, named Cinnamon.  But, I do realize that sometimes if you are searching for names, you have to get creative, and if we ever have a Farm Boy, instead of a Farm Girl in charge of naming calves, I'm sure we'll get some interesting names)

Stingray has only been here a few weeks, and is ready to get bred soon.

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