Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day #5: Highest Milk Production (part 2)

See, there are several ways to think about "Highest Milk Production", and that is good because I am running out of my "-est" for the week!
Today's High Milk Production is for the highest single 305 d lactation.
You see if a cow does what is typical in Mother Nature, and have a calf every spring, and would wean that calf off a couple of months or so before she calves the following spring, she would lactate for ~300 days (274 day gestation period, plus ~ 1 month after she calves before she would get pregnant again = 300 days of lactation; plus ~2 months after she weans her calf before she has the next one = 360 days or one year).
So, our testing/records program figures a 305 day lactation #, and the winner is:#11069 @ 30,330 lbs or 3526 gallons, which equates to 99#/day of her lactation (or 11.6 gallons per day) - Enough math for you!

Full Name:  Mi-Mi Laramee 605-09
What We Call Her:  #11069
Age: 4 years, 3 months
# calves/lactations: 2 (well, she started #3 on Friday morning)
Lifetime Milk Production: 55,879 pounds or 6498 gallons

Interesting Info:
We bought #11069, along with 11009 from our neighbor's, the Mitchell's, when we bought the new barn to get it up to capacity more quickly.  I think we could say we are pretty happy with our purchases!

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