Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24: The Interesting: Peach & Pear - a Twofer!

It's not very often that you get 2 live heifer twin calves, AND get to see them both come back into the milking string, but Peach & Pear are just that!  Unfortunately, twins are pretty hard on the mom, and we lost their mom after she had these two, but now we have double the P's.
The go back to a cow, Penelope, from a farm about an hour west of us that has lots of really good cows.  Penelope's daughter, Persephone (Peach & Pear's granddam) we sold at our state Holstein sale, and she ended up going just down the road to another neighbor, and we got to see her at the county fair for several years, towering over her new owner, Ellie.  I think she had a couple of heifers for Ellie - hopefully they are still doing well.  One of the best things for a farmer is to sell a cow, and know that she did well for her new owners!

Full Names:  Po-Cop Shout Peach & Po-Cop Shout Pear
What we call them:  #136 & 137
Age:  2 years, 2 months
# calves/lactations:  1 each (thank goodness!)
Lifetime Milk Production:  Pear - 1,761# or 204 gallons; Peach - 5,279# or 614 gallons.  (Peach has been milking longer than Pear.  We'll have to see if she catches up!

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