Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 21: The J's & the K's: Jellybean

ok, so this begins a group of slightly entertaining names.  Jellybean is Jelly's 1st daughter (of several).
Jellybean is almost always one of the first cows into the parlor in a group.  She leads the way, and has a little more playfulness than her mom.  Jellybean is also one of the few cows that Addison knows by name (maybe Ainsley will soon too!).

Full Name:  Po-Cop Anando Jellybean
What we Call her:  Jellybean or #9006
Age:  4 years, 8 months
# calves/lactations:  3
Lifetime Milk Production:  64,051# or 7,448 gallons

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