Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day #4: Highest Milk Production (part 1)

We, like most other dairy farmers, pay a company to test our cows every month to know how much milk they are producing, as well as how much fat & protein is in that milk.  It helps us keep an eye on changes that we may not have picked up in general day to day care & milking, and allows us to see how the cows are doing.

Last month's high test cow @ 123 pounds (14.3 gallons) per day was 8013.

Full Name:  Po-Cop LuckyStar Vodka
We Call Her: 8013
Age: 5 years, 5 months
# Calves/Lactations: 4
Lifetime Milk Production: 87,245 pounds or 10,145 gallons

Interesting info:
Not much.  She is a good milk cow.  She doesn't have any problems (mastitis, feet, etc.).  She comes in, gives milk, eats, sleeps, and drinks - she must appreciate all we do for her, and we appreciate that.  She does got back to a really nice cow of ours that died suddenly in a heat wave shortly after Brent & I got married.  She had serious "attitude", but her daughter is pretty even keel.  We are really looking forward to several more lactations from this girl!

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