Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 3: Tallest Cow #11009

Full Name:  Mi-Mi something or rather (Hmmm....can't seem to find that registration paper)
What We Call Her:  #11009 or "Tall Girl"
Age:  5 years, 3 months
# Calves/Lactations:  3
Milk Production to Date:  47,432 pounds, 5,515 gallons

We bought 11009 in a group of cows from our neighbor when we built the new barn 2 years ago.You'll meet more of them in the 30 days, and that's great, because we only bought 15 cows, and most of them are still with us!
She is so unbelievably tall that I am surprised that she fits in a lot of places (like the hoof trimming chute, or even or stalls), but she does.  She sticks up nearly 3-4" above the next tallest cow.  She also ranks as one of the slowest cows on the farm, but not THE slowest - you'll meet her later....


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