Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 2: The Oldest Cow - #864

Full Name:  Po-Cop O1 Buttercup 864
What we Call Her:  864
Age:  8 years, 6 months
# Calves/Lactations:  6
Lifetime Milk Production:  140,301 pounds, 16,314 gallons

I am many times asked how old cows live to be, and our goal is somewhere between 8 & 9 years old, so that those cows will have at least 6 lactations, and produce over 150,000 pounds of milk.  864 is close to that, and hopefully, will make it there; however, like anyone that gets older, her legs/hips/knees/ankles are starting to wear out (you can even see a bit of gray hair starting to show up on her neck), but we keep wrapping and tending to her the best we can, and doing what we need in order to try to keep her a productive member of the herd.
She is a decendent of one of the "orange" cows that we bought in Wisconsin at a sale when Brent came home to farm.  They simply had orange tags, but their daughter turned out to be a pretty good cow!

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