Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 10: Red Week - #75

#75 is the last Red Holstein of the week. 

Full Name:  Playtoys Ad Lassie-Red-ET
What we Call Her:  #75
Age:  6 years
# calves/lactations:  4
Lifetime Milk Production:  56,803 pounds or  6,605 gallons

Interesting Info:  I'm actually really surprised that #75 is still in the herd.  We bought her at the Nat'l Red & White Holstein sale in Belvidere a few years ago, mainly as a companion for another cow that we had already bought.  The other cow went back to "Roxy", the Queen of the Holstein Breed (I make fun of the fact that at an auction the auctioneer may use the term "Straight Back to Roxy", even if it 6 or 7 generations back.  It's a running joke between Brent & I).  Let's say our Roxy was a mess and is no longer with us (frozen teats is the reason why we didn't have anything else calving during that time period in late December), but we thought that she needed a "friend" in the maternity pen, so we bought #75 cheap later in the sale.  She didn't milk anything for several lactations, but she always got bred the 1st time, never had mastistis, or gave us any problems (though she really needs her hooves trimmed), and she has finally grown up - milking over 80# on the last milk test.  I have no doubt that she'll be aiming for "Oldest Cow" very soon. 

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