Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30: AI Gun Warmer

I talked yesterday about how we find and choose bulls for our herd.  This little device allows us to get our cows bred in the middle of winter.  

After the semen is warmed, it needs to be kept warm until it is used in the cow.  In the middle of winter, as Brent walks from the parlor, where the tank is kept, to the heifer pen, this can be 3-4 minutes, and when its below freezing, the temperature drops pretty quickly.  So, one day I came home & found Brent had bought an AI Gun Warmer.  When I saw the price tag ($400), I was fairly skeptical, but that first month we used it, we went from a very poor conception rate in the heifer pen (something that has always frustrated us) to a very good one, and so I shut up very quickly about the cost, as with that kind of improvement, it paid for itself very quickly.  It is now a handy device that hangs in the laundry room on its battery charger for use whenever the cold winter strikes.

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