Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: TMR Mixer

Growing up, this was simply "the mixer", but here on the dairy, it gets an acronym in front.  TMR stands for Total Mixed Ration, which is what we use the mixer to create for our cows.  Ours is a little more sophisticated, as it is connected to a scale, which weighs the amount of each ingredient as Brent adds it to it with the skidsteer.  He adds corn silage, haylage, ground corn, and supplement to create the total ration he feeds the cows and heifers.  Each group of animals:  milking cows, dry cows, maternity cows, and heifers get their own ration with a slightly different mix of those ingredients.  Inside the mixer is a big beater, just a bigger version of your home mixer used for baking.  This stirs and mixes the feed until it is well combined, with the goal that no matter where along the bunk the cow eats, she gets the same feed. 

A new vertical mixer is on Brent's Christmas list, so if anyone would like to get him a Christmas present.....

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  1. how to make this my cow ,im from india plz tel me as soon as possible


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