Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 4: Harvest Equipment, pt. 1 - The Combine

The combine - it is the monster of all farm equipment.  It is the most expensive thing that a farmer owns, and can cost more than our house!  This is my parent's combine outside our house in Little York, harvesting a corn field.  Not only is the machine itself expensive, but it requires 2 different front end attachments to harvest corn or soybeans (and another if you raise cotton).
Headers                                                         Combines
         Combining corn                                                                                     Combining soybeans

The combine actually cuts the stem of either plant close to the ground, and shells the seed from either the pod (soybeans) or the stalk/cob (corn).
As a child, I spent many hours with my Grandpa being absolutely mesmerized by the augers and action of the   combine head.  There was a bar that ran across the front of the cab that I was just tall enough to get my chin over to stare at the motion of this monster machine.
(In full disclosure, I have to admit that I grew up with a yellow (New Holland) combine, and the Pollard's have a red (Case) combine, but our combine was on the back half of the Seward farm, and I decided that I didn't need to run the car across the stalks to get pictures, so I'll try to get some red pictures to even out the scales in another post; though I am partial to green....)

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