Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 21: Cow Pills

I have never swallowed pills well.  Too many amoxicillin pills when I was a kid for sore throats.  I called them horse pills.  Well, I"m not real knowledgeable about horse pills, but I do know that cow pills are NOT small.  They aren't small animals, and their pills are sized accordingly.
We give cows pills for things when they are sick:  diahhera, fevers, and sometimes for prevention of illnesses (like vitamins).
This is one of the pill pushers we use to give the cows their calcium supplement.  We give a calcium supplement to every cow after calving to help her replenish the calcium in her body as she begins to milk.
Some pills we use for general "not feeling well"
A smaller pill pusher for the above pills.
I used my pop can for some size reference.

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