Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 9: Chiselplow

If you live on flat ground, chiselplowing is one of the 1st jobs you get to do as a kid.  It's pretty simple - drive across the field with the tillage implement in tow.  It doesn't matter if you overlap, or even skip a little here and there...just remember to turn at the end of the field and not get too close to the fencerow.  I've also heard of it being a date night and a way to pick up guys, but that is certainly a secondary purpose.

It can take a lot of horsepower to pull some of these implements across the field, as evidenced by the big tractor here. (and, no, it isn't ours, it was parked next to our field, and was therefore handy for a picture!)

The smell of tilled ground is in the air as farmer's work to beat this weekend's rain.

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