Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 28: Feed Pusher

Fresh feed for the cows at all times is a must for any livestock farmer, and especially for dairy cows.  In our old barn, the feed bunk was in the middle of the barn, which on the plus side, meant the cows always had access to feed, but on the negative side, it meant that the tractor had to drive into and back out of the barn.  As someone who is going to have to feed cows next week, I am VERY glad, that we don't have to back up out of the barn with the mixer wagon.  However, that also means that we have to push up feed several times a day.  We don't have a skid steer dedicated to this job, so we typically do this by hand.  While not particularly physically taxing, it is time-consuming, and one of those things that interrupts your day when you are trying to get other projects accomplished.  (It's a great job for younger kids.....I'm sure that will be one of Ainsley's chores when she gets off the bus someday!)  A new product came out a couple of years ago, that is on every dairy farmer's Christmas list who has to push up feed several times a day....a REALLY cool feed pusher.

Juno feed...

If anyone would like to contribute to our family present, we'll gladly accept donations! :-)

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