Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23: Magnet

Yes, this is a giant magnet.  We also give these to cows, like the big pills in order to keep them safe.  You see, occasionally "junk" gets in the fields (pieces or bits of wire or fence, an old nail, etc.).  When we chop the fields (especially hay), whatever little pieces may be in the field sometimes get scooped up & chopped with the hay, put in the bunker, and eventually fed to the cows.  Also, cows just seem to be able to find bits and pieces of metal (however much we may try to prevent it).  Bits of rust, or that screw that fell out of your hand and into the lime, that as much as you may look to find it, you can't (but the cow can!)

We give a magnet to all of our heifers in order to make sure that any of this "junk" that they may come across in their life finds the magnet, and sticks to it, keeping whatever the pieces of junk are from poking holes in their stomach wall, or otherwise causing them pain.

Just a little something different that you've probably never thought of giving a cow a magnet to eat before....

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