Thursday, January 3, 2013


So, 30 days of blogging in November wore me out, and December was filled with some pretty serious colds for all of us (thankfully, Ainsley's was minimal & short-lived).  However, back to a New Year with new stuff on the farm & in life.
As I slowly work to take down the Christmas decorations, I am reminded all of the traditions & history that go with some of the decorations.  Two, in particular, are special to me in our house. 

 This is my generational stocking.  Grandma made one from each grandchild, and it incorporates things from multiple generations.  Mine is made out of a velveteen vest that my mom wore, and is decorated with trimmings and lace from a great-great aunt?  (I even called Grandma to confirm this tonite, and I think I'm off a great or two yet-oh, well - It's the thought that counts).  My brother's is made out of the jacket from my grandmother's wedding dress, and has pieces of lace from my mom's wedding dress.  Ainsley's is still a work in progress, but thus far is made out of my mom's blue pigskin jacket, trimmed with material from my 4-H sewing project, and several other objects, some yet to be determined.  I've got a LONG ways to go before I have to make these, but I even looked at my old high school letter jacket in the closet when I was home, and went "hmm....."

Another favorite in my house is the "Moving the Bear" on the Christmas countdown calendar.  This was something my brother & I fought over whose turn it was to move the bear, and I swiped it from my parent's house a few years ago so I could have it here.  Brent learned in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to move the bear.  This year, Ainsley & I moved the bear everyday when we got home from the sitters, and hopefully she'll enjoy moving it over the years.

Traditions are important....traditions are the stuff memories are made of.  Cows don't always cooperate with traditions.  I was able to go to Christmas Eve service for the first time in close to 10 years (4:30 & 11 pm services don't exactly jive with a milking schedule at 5 PM & 6 AM) this year, and thoroughly enjoyed it; though I did forego the candle lighting.....holding a squirmy 3 month old & hot wax don't mix!  When we were supposed to leave for a family Christmas; Brent went out to feed cows.  He came in about an hour later with a "I have no idea when we'll be able to leave - the chain broke on the silo unloader, and we have to deal with it now so the silage doesn't freeze in the hole & prevent us from feeding cows till it thaws".  (Thankfully, Warren & Brent got the hole cleared in good time)
Some traditions I could live without.....

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