Friday, April 8, 2011

The Full Monty....

First, let me thank everyone who gave us encouragement last week after "The Ugly".  But, life will go on, and it was a very busy week.  Warren & Gail were at a dairy meeting in Arizona this week, and so Brent & I were on our own to take care of the farm.  Things went overall pretty well, with a new baby boy on Sunday, and a new baby girl on Monday - both were 2 weeks early!  The sun was shining all week until today (Friday), and so we cleaned lots, barns, and did a lot of moving & shaking to get everything caught up before spring fieldwork begins in earnest.

However, on the farm, sometimes, you just need a good giggle!  We got a good giggle on Tuesday, when we found some anonymous pictures in our mailbox.  They looked like they were taken with a cell phone; we guess by our mail carrier, based on the angles.  She must have been very amused at the scene she came upon one day.

The "Monty" was interested in our front door

Let me give you some background on our dearly beloved "Monty" (#7033).  She is a crossbred cow, being out of a Holstein cow (the typically black & white dairy cows), and a Montbeliarde bull.  Montbeliearde's are a breed of cow, mainly in Europe, that are more of a dual-breed, meaning they work for both milk & meat.  Dairy producers utilize crossbreeding to improve the hybrid vigor of their animals.  Well, "vigor" this cow has.....she has yet to find a fence that she couldn't get through.  This winter, she was out wondering around the farm daily.  Brent got in the habit of just waiting until milking before he put her back in the barn, or she would just get out & they would have to repeat the process.  She never went very far, but seemed to enjoy our yard!  We are guessing that the mail carrier saw her looking in our front door, took the picture, and then the Monty turned around to look at the commotion.  

Here's hoping you enjoyed the giggle too!  It's off to bed, so that we can get chores going in good time in the morning, as we are going to downtown Chicago on Saturday to help work at Baconfest to promote the world's greatest pork product!


  1. I wish we had heard about Baconfest sooner. We would have come downtown to see you!
    "Never too much bacon" is one of my mottos!

  2. You had to plan way in advance! They sold out - 2,000 tickets in 4 minutes when the tickets went online for sale this spring! More blog posts & pics about bacon ice cream to follow!


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