Monday, April 11, 2011


So, this weekend we ventured into downtown Chicago for Baconfest Chicago 2011!  This is a unique event that caters to everything Bacon!  It reminded me of a type of "Taste of _______ " event, featuring high-end restaurants & eateries from throughout Chicagoland.

Bacon Bloody Mary's, Chocolate Bacon, Bacon Lollipops......even Bacon Ice Cream!  (Yes, I said Bacon ice cream!)  It was a wonderful opportunity to not only focus on Bacon, which is actually classified now as a lean meat, due to the fact that pork is much leaner than it was in the past; but for us, as producers, to share a little bit about what we do, and where that glorious bacon comes from.

You'll need to pay attention early if you want to get into Baconfest 2012.  This year's event sold out 2,000 tickets in under four MINUTES when they went on sale! Brent & I had big plans to go out to eat at a "Diner, Drive-in & Dive" (we are Food Network fans), but there was so much food available at the event, that we were stuffed.  I have to say my favorite dessert was the bacon canoli, with a shell made of bacon fat, and a cheese & bacon filling, while I had several good sandwiches including an awesome porkburger slider, and a tijuana pork dog.

I apologize for the fuzziness of the digital camera is on the fritz, so I've just got the cell phone cam.

The Baconfest logo screen & the crowd

Thanks to this woman for being willing to pose for a picture with the two most awesome food products put together by an awesome chef....smoked ice cream & bacon!

More of the crowd at Baconfest, brought to you by the Illinois Pork Producers!

Bob & Darrell - two of the "Official Bacon-Makers" 
The aprons were the envy of the event - but you have to have sorted pigs in your life to get one!
We also sold many "Peace, Love, Bacon" T-shirts, with all of the proceeds going to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Attendees could bring in non-perishable food items, and pork producers would match that donation, pound for pound with ground pork!  Looks like we'll need to be coming up with a lot of pork to match this pile!

Pam teaches attendees about "All Things Bacon" using the Wheel of Trivia.

Oh, and by the way, the "Monty" was out again this morning...... :-)

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