Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tag - You're It!

Recently, we feel like we are playing a big game of tag, especially on the weekends.  My roommates in college and I used to have a saying, "Ready, Set....NAP!", as we were 4 pretty busy people, and so when we got a chance (say from 12:30-12:40 after lunch and before we had to leave for a 1 o'clock class) to get a quick power nap in, we took it.  We'd set the egg timer, turn the lights off, and curl up on different corners of the bunk beds. 
At our house, we're finally getting some kind of a schedule; a reliable 8+ hours of sleep, and usually a decent afternoon nap.  We measure naptime not necessarily in hours, but in how many cows' feet can we get fixed, or how many heifers we can get rearranged.  We've learned that if there is something to be done, you need to be semi-organized and ready to hit the door as soon as she goes down, so that you have maximum time outside to accomplish tasks. 
Last weekend felt like a big game of tag as Gail was gone with the Holstein juniors for their Spring Thing event.  Gail has been coaching dairy bowl for a LONG time, which is to say that she has forgotten more random Holstein dairy facts than many of us will ever know (trust me, her son is absolutely brimming with these little tidbits)!  So, this is the weekend that the local kids actually got to compete against kids from around the state.  That also meant, the calf caretaker was gone, and we had to fill in.  Brent & I seemed to go back and forth from the house to take turns with Ainsley and get the chores done in between.  By Sunday morning I finally felt like I had a system down (and had remembered how to get up early enough so that I could get everything done before somebody woke up).  
 But, she's always SO happy when she wakes up!

I really have lots of good posts saved up, so you'll get a few when the year's meetings come to a close, and I quit going to bed with stories of pig closeouts in my head!  Here's hoping that the white Shorthorn heifer that Brent has been promising me arrives soon (but really not tonite - I'm not sure what equipment I'd have to dig out from the snow to get her moved).
In the meantime, let's think spring!


  1. Friend, love hearing your bits! Thanks for sharing, and hope you find a little extra time for a nap!! I remember the sweet egg timer days, priceless!!! Katie

  2. What a happy baby. yup we are on goat maternity duty. set of twins one on bottle. sleep that would be awesome.


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