Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shhh...the animals don't know

That's right, our animals don't know that winter has now officially begun with gusto.  They don't know that Brent is going through 3 pairs of big wool socks a day because he sweats through them as he tramps through the snowdrifts to feed them.  Now, this winter is nothing like last year's.  And, we are SO thankful to have the milk cows in a nicer barn.  This year, they just carry on, and really only know that it snows when Brent opens the door to drive the tractor with their breakfast or supper in it. 

I took this the morning after the first snow last week!  No snow to be seen.

And, sometimes, we have to work a little harder to keep them warm & away from the cold wind.

And, my pigs, that like it warmer than cows, were warm & toasty (between 65 & 84 degrees, depending on the age and size of pig).  These are the days that remind us WHY we build barns to keep our animals inside, for their sake and for ours (as we work to feed, water, and care for them)!

And, our 1st heifer calf of the year was born Sunday morning.  She slowed down our departure for a delayed family Christmas, but that was ok, we were happy to have the interruption!

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