Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meetings, Meetings, Everywhere....

Yikes!  I haven't blogged much lately because I have been VERY busy with what many on the farm call "Meeting Time".  Yes, winter is when most farmers, and especially livestock farmers, have annual or year-end meetings.  Not only is it a slightly less busy time (no hay to make, or crops to plant or harvest), but it is also a time when we look back at the year past, and see  how our farm has compared to others.  At my work, we work very hard to look at the year past, benchmark ourselves to other farms, and figure out what we need in order to do better in the year ahead.  This means a lot of late nights getting ready for all of these meetings, but it is rewarding when you see some farms show improvement, and other farms set goals & be inspired for the year to come.

This means that I have not seen the cows much lately, and we continue to have lots of changes.  We are now up to 10 heifers, and 5 bull calves.  The calf barn is nearly full, and "Million Dollar Reward", Calf #101, is already ready to be weaned off milk and moved into the 1st pen of heifer group housing.

As you can see, she has grown well (thanks to Gail's TLC), and is already hard at eating her feed, which is a good sign that her gut is changing and that she is ready to stop eating milk, and start eating regular feed.  She is 2 months old today, and is ready to move to the next barn.

This is the 1st feed that our calves will start eating.  Technically it is called calf starter, but we commonly call it "crunchies". 
Mother Nature is warming things up nicely, and I hope to spend most of the weekend out cleaning & sprucing things up!

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