Friday, March 18, 2011


This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with cows or pigs, but with how much I love the Illini & my Grandma!  Brent & I are both huge Illini fans, having had over 10 years of season tickets between us.  We are both enjoying the way the Illini are passing & sharing the basketball, and absolutely stomping on UNLV.

My highlight of the one of the early TV time-outs, my cell phone rings.  With a groan, I wonder what has gone wrong, only to see it is my 80-year old Grandmother....
Grandma:  "Are you watching this?  Can you believe how they are playing?  And, that behind-the-back pass was amazing!"
I just had to smile at my Grandma acting as giddy as a school girl!  Here's hoping the 2nd half is as good as the 1st.

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