Monday, February 7, 2011

The Conveniences of Modern Farming....

While we appreciate the conveniences of modern farming, there are times when they disappoint us.  One of those conveniences is not having to milk cows by hand.  I don't know how they did it "way back when" (Heck, my arms are sore the next day if I have to milk a single quarter on a single cow!)  Tonight was one of those nights when we were reminded why farmers use today's modern conveniences, just like you do in your everyday life.
 I work full-time, and, on a good day, I normally make it home & out to the parlor shortly after 6.  That usually means Brent & his dad are about half done with the night milking.  However, tonight, when I was on my way out of the house, I met Brent on his way in.  We were having electrical "issues", and were in the midst of getting & replacing parts.  So, instead of being done at 7 PM, we were just getting rolling at 6:30.  Thankfully, it was something that we could fix ourselves, and didn't have to wait any longer to get things started.  The cows helped out by being ready and rearin' to come into the parlor, so we still got in at a decent hour.
Here's to all of life's conveniences & everything they offer to our lives - regardless of whether it is milking a cow, or simply things like using a microwave.....which will be required for the leftover supper tonight!

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