Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cleaning Time....

February is supposed to have ice storms, not blizzards & subzero temps!  While Mother Nature is not smiling on us in the weather arena, it has blessed us with 5 happy, healthy HEIFER calves!  That's right, we are 5 for 5 for the year, with moms and babies all doing well.  These subzero temperatures have made it difficult to keep everything clean, but thankfully, a warm-up is underway. 
Every 6 months, we have an inspection of our milking system to ensure that we are keeping our equipment, facilities, and cows in tip-top shape to produce high-quality milk for your table.  This inspection is done by the Health Department, just like the restaurants where you took your significant other out for Valentine's Day.  In order to sell milk that can be used for fluid consumption, you must maintain a Grade A milk permit, and that requires passing these inspections.
While we always work hard to keep everything as clean as possible, this biannual inspection serves as a good reminder to get the "little things" done.  I equate it to cleaning under & on top of the frig & under and behind the stove in your kitchen.  (Come on, really, when was the last time you did that in your kitchen?)
Since it finally warmed up this weekend, it made it possible to attach this project, as it requires getting a lot of stuff (including yourself) wet (there is no good way to mop the ceiling and remain dry), and that doesn't work too well when it's below freezing.  So, we'll spend the next couple of weeks chipping away at the little things. 
Producing high-quality milk for your table & mine is a priority and we are more than willing to have that checked by a third-party, so you can feel more confident in the products you buy.

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