Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 30: The Future - Luxury

Ok, so Luxury has been my little pet.  With Gail out of commission for feeding calves for a little bit, Luxury has been my little pet.  The first week I started feeding her, she got sick, hard.  And fast.  And I went ballistic - cleaning, revamping, calling in the vet, driving samples to the vet clinic on Saturday, picking up new name it, I was trying it, b/c while I was able to nursery Lux back to health, though it took a full week, I was NOT going to go thru that again.  And, if a calf is getting sick, it hurts their very sensitive growing gut for the future and could stunt her future growth and milk production.  And, Luxury is Lucke's calf.  The FIRST Holstein heifer calf that we have gotten from her, and as God as my witness, SHE WILL LIVE.

Luxury will hopefully be a show heifer, though she will be a little young this next year to compete with heifers born almost 2 months before her (the class has heifers born from Sept. 1 thru Nov. 30, and she's Oct. 26.....), but hopefully by the time she is a yearling or a cow, she'll be able to compete, and Ainsley will be big enuf to at least walk at the end of the halter.

I had this gorgeous picture planned of Ainsley with Luxury as the future of our farm, and well, it got cold VERY early this year.  It was froze the week of Thanksgiving.  We had a ear infection while we traveled south to see my family, and I don't think Ainsley has been outside besides runs to & from the car since.  Seriously, I could use a warm up b/c I have about 15 calf panels to clean for the new calves that will be born in March, and I have not had a SINGLE day (on a weekend when I'm home) that is above freezing to even attempt to try washing all these panels.  I have 2 set up for the one lone heifer calf that is due at the beginning of February.  They are at least clean, though they need repainted and have frozen snow & ice stuck to them.  I'm hoping it thaws enuf that I can at least get THAT done......

Oh spring - where art thou?

Full Name:  Po-Cop Armani Luxury
We call Her:  Lux
Age: 1 month
# calves/lactations: Hopefully Many! :-)

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