Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Farmer's Vacation

We've had a whirlwind of activity lately!  Brent & I were in Chicago for the Annual Farm Bureau Meeting for the entire weekend.  That meant missing 8 milkings in a row!  I was already out of the barn due to my foot, so we are very thankful that Warren & Gail are still able to hold down the fort while we are gone.  Though, I'm guessing, that they felt kind of like we did when they were gone for a week at the end of that time, and were glad to see us return.  I got back in the barn to milk Monday night, but I realized if everyone is around for milking, I should probably still take it easy a bit, as my foot was swelling a bit by Wednesday morning.  Therefore, tonight's mission - restock the fridge! 
Brent had a lot of official duties as a member of the Young Leader Committee, and was elected to serve as Secretary for the next year.  We both want a vacation from the "vacation".  As we have been told, a farm meeting and the State Fair don't count as vacations, but when you farm, you take whatever little time away from the farm you can get to enjoy with each other.  We got to spend time with other young farm families, see friends we hadn't seen in awhile (my college roommates), and other farmers from throughout the state.  It was certainly physically easier than "normal" farm work, but we also had a lot to do! 
I got to visit with field moms about our dairy and our farm, along with other farmwives. 
I also got to visit Mrs. Mimlitz's and the other 4th grade class at Ames School.  I enjoyed talking to the kids and the teachers about all things farming! 
Rest assured, I will answer some more of those questions you asked:
"How much milk does a cow give?"
"Where does our milk go?"
and several others.....when I catch up from the "vacation"!
Brent & I don't take a lot of pictures together that don't also include cows! 
This is one back from our college formal, and shows that yes, I do own a dress, and we know how to "clean up" now & then!

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