Friday, October 14, 2011

I knew...

When we got married, we knew we were both in agriculture, and that it isn't a 9 to 5 job.  That's ok; that's what we do, know & love. 
Multiple nights this week have been spent in the barn way past dark.  Tuesday night, we went to the neighbors to look at cows to purchase to fill the barn after milking.  Then Wednesday night, we came in after milking cows at 7 pm, ate a quick supper, and then went back out to the barn to install some of the last pieces in for our stalls.  In the process of all the building and installing, we were short pieces (a stall here, a cross piece there, a piece of channel & U-Bolt over here).  So, Brent went to Wisconsin to get the last of the missing pieces, so we could finish.  We hope to bring home those new cows from the neighbors soon and want everything to be in place.  I was still working with the impact wrench (it has become my new best friend the last few weeks!) after the timers kicked the lights off in the barn!

We had lots of "help", stepping on our extension cords & sniffing us and our stuff as we worked!

I guess this is payback for the night we had to drive out of our way on Thanksgiving to deliver a piece of manure equipment, or the Sunday we had to go earnotch pigs for a study.....

And, I'm sure they'll be many more!  


  1. Hi Carrie!!!
    The students are ready to ask some we go!!!
    We are super excited to chat with you!!!!

  2. Corey
    Ames School
    Mrs Mimlitz,s class
    Is it stinky working with all those animals?

  3. Carrie-
    Hi there!!!
    Its Kristen...just testing things this working???


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