Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet the New Girls on the Farm

Meet Bambi, Bev & Pat.

They are the newest additions to our farm.  With the barn "Almost Done", we need to start acquiring cows that can fill it.  The new barn will have about 94 stalls for cows.  We are currently milking 67, with several cows to calve (and thus, move to the new barn) in the coming months, but not enough to fill all those stalls.  So, we are on the prowl for good quality animals to add to our herd.  Ones that will produce milk for a long time, and be problem-free cows (and help us pay for that new barn!). Bambi, Bev & Pat are these type of animals.  I actually went and looked at the heifers a couple weeks ago, but we've been so busy - we haven't had time to officially make the decision & go get them until last weekend.  So, with the hay chopped & packed in the bunker, and rain planned, we headed south an hour to Granville & met with Kevin & Gene Kunkel.  When Brent was showing, he used to stall his animals with the Kunkel herd, and helped get their cows ready, so he has great respect for the family and the cows.  (You have a lot of respect for an animal when you have to clean up behind it!)  Brent agonized a little too long over part of the decision, as we came home just as the rain really started going.  We got the girls unloaded and in their new pen with no problems, and they seem to be adjusting well.
Bambi is a complete & utter pet.  It's actually kind of hard to get her to move - unless you have a feed bucket in your hand!  Bev is just a little skittish.  (She actually gave Brent a good kick to the leg as she left her home & went on the trailer).  Bev & Bambi are pregnant, and due in late September.  Getting them on our farm now will give them time to adjust & adapt to their new home before they are ready to calve.  Pat isn't due until March, but Brent was a big fan of her mother, Polly, so she came to the farm as well.

Stay tuned for the latest from Bambi & Bev!

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