Monday, May 30, 2011

Where There Is a Cow......So Must There Be a Pig!

Wherever there is cow "stuff", then there must also be pig "stuff".  That is simply the way it goes in our house.  The car has both Pork & Dairy window clings.  Last Christmas, my parents got us both cow & pig lighted blow-up displays (you'll see those on this blog once the snow flies!).  We have enough pig & cow ornaments to adorn a Christmas tree by themselves.  I remember when we got married; a friend of mine said, "You're going to have pigs on your farm, right?".  When I said "no", he was in complete shock...."But, you're Carrie, you have to have pigs.  It just won't be right if you don't have pigs!"

I moved a lot of my pig stuff to work, but I still keep a few pieces.  I found these in a catalog last week, and gave in (they were only $6, which probably means they are going to bust in the first good wind, but until then I'll enjoy them)!

Cow & Pig Hanging Flower even has a curly tail!

After we finished the bunker at noon on Saturday,

Nearly done!!

I spent the rest of the weekend playing with my flowers.  This is strange as in my high school Horticulture class, I couldn't even keep marigolds alive!  As long as it is outside, and Mother Nature takes care of most of the watering, I seem to be ok.  I keep working on trying to keep the weeds down.  The "pasture" dirt that I steal from the cow's pasture is great stuff for growing plants (as it has a little of that great cow fertilizer mixed in), but the weeds also love it too!


 We'll stay busy in the next few weeks, as we are expecting several new calves, the wind storm is going to require a new roof on the parlor, and we continue to prep & get ready for the teardown, followed by the construction of a new freestall barn for our cows, which they desperately need!

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