Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Thank you to all of the family & friends who asked about this blog over the holidays!  You have prompted me to make a New Year's Resolution to blog on a regular basis. 

As always, the Christmas season is a busy one for everyone, but even more so when there are animals to care for.  For us, Christmas planning begins in March & April, which means it is nearly time to begin planning for Christmas 2011!  While I am an early shopper, that is not the type of planning I am talking about.  Instead, we have to plan around the cows and their lives.  In particular, we plan to NOT have any babies around Christmas.  Cows have a nine month gestation period, and so we have to think about not having calves in December & January in March & April.  Not only does this give us a break as their caretakers, (and therefore, make for limited surprises when we are trying to get to family & friend events) but it also is the coldest time of year (typically), and allows us to avoid  problems with trying to keep new babies warm and comfortable this time of year.

Christmas with our families reminds how much people that don't live on the farm are missing out on things that are so obvious to us that do.  For example, while my parent's sold our cow herd when I left for college, we still rent out the parts of the farm that are too hilly to be farmed to a neighbor who keeps some cattle.  My cousins' kids (~2 yrs old) were standing in the window over Christmas, completely in awe of these big creatures that they had never seen before.  And, bringing the baby pig in from the farrowing house for the kids to see is always a highlight of every Christmas!

May you all be able to spend a relaxing evening after the bustle of the holiday season.  Our day will hopefully have us catching up on some outside activities!  Stay tuned.

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